Dental Restoration on the Main Line, PA

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Restoring your teeth and enhancing your smile

Dental Restoration is the process of restoring damaged, broken-down or missing teeth and bringing them back to a functional and beautiful state. There are many options available to restore the teeth including crowns, bridges, dentures, implants and other procedures.

Dr. Snider has successfully completed thousands of restorative procedures for his patients and he can design a customized treatment plan for you.

Competent dental restoration and extensive work

When you decide it’s time to have your restorative and extensive dental work done, it is vital that you choose a dentist with the experience and knowledge to handle advanced procedures. Dr. Snider has been treating patients for over 25 years and has a 100% satisfaction rating.

No case is too complicated or advanced for Dr. Snider

Dr. Jeff Snider

Dr. Snider’s experience enables him to handle the most complex cases.

Dr. Snider was voted Main Line’s Best Dentist as well as America’s Top Dentist and he trained at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. No matter how advanced or extensive your restorative dental work is, Dr. Snider can restore your teeth to a healthy, functional and beautiful state. Scroll down the page to learn more about the restorative dental procedures Dr. Snider offers.

Dental Restoration services

Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Snider custom crafts realistic-looking crowns and bridges to repair and replace missing teeth. A dental crown is placed over an existing tooth while a dental bridge is permanently placed between two crowns to fill in empty spaces left by missing teeth.

Click here to learn more about our crowns and bridges.

Dental implants

Dental Implants replace missing teeth and restore your smile to full function and beauty. Working with a trusted oral surgeon, Dr. Snider has planned and restored the implants of many satisfied patients.

Learn more about dental implants by clicking here.

Special Dentistry for Mature Adults

Dr. Snider can help you keep your natural teeth or recreate an attractive, rejuvenating smile for you. Dr. Snider offers custom-crafted full and partial dentures as well as implant-supported dentures. He ensures that his patient’s dentures are comfortable, painless and stay put.

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Patient Testimonial

"His professional manner and genuine concern for the best possible outcome for his patients is always a priority."

“I have been a patient of Dr. Snider’s for several years and am happy to say that I have always been very pleased with the extensive dental care he has provided to me and my family.

“His professional manner and genuine concern for the best possible outcome for his patients is always a priority. While Dr. Snider employs the latest technology in treating his patient’s dental needs, he encourages his patients to be active participants in choosing the best treatment available. The professional and friendly staff always make a visit to Main Line Dental a positive experience.” — Eileen T. Dominguez

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